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masterIntegration test now with more integration pointsRoman Joost3 years
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2016-08-11Integration test now with more integration pointsHEADmasterRoman Joost6-68/+134
2016-08-08tests: a few unit tests for functionsRoman Joost2-18/+50
2016-08-08Methods to extract build information from advisoryRoman Joost1-14/+41
2016-08-08Fake the errata JSON endpointRoman Joost3-5/+87
2016-08-08Not a coroutine + more descriptive nameRoman Joost1-7/+6
2016-08-07Example rpmdeplint item for the triggerRoman Joost1-0/+42
2016-08-07No need to have a separate section in the configRoman Joost2-3/+3
2016-08-07Make use of asyncio better by using a queueRoman Joost2-29/+39
2016-08-03Trigger functionality should run foreverRóman Joost3-32/+66
2016-08-02Run the trigger in an asyncio event loopRóman Joost5-26/+31