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7 daysUpdate stickler to run on python 2HEADdevelopMartin Styk1-3/+3
Change-Id: Idff51f61d14972d1a624ec953c1a267accc0ed09 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-10-01Add Bug issue templated use by GitHubMartin Styk1-0/+33
Change-Id: Ifef14807221dc9ebcfb53b16aca172ce46ee37f1 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-09-30add venv folder .gitignoreMartin Styk1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ie84126696184da6aa781c360f28a599ec20fd087 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-09-26Fix Kerberos auth for lab controllersMartin Styk1-9/+20
Change-Id: I02dc555ae38033a3f547fc68fe6e91859e4ece61 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-09-26Update documentation for Beaker BoxMartin Styk1-5/+5
Change-Id: I0921daaddfca8a2cdb37de9d697b163fc45b8762 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-09-02Remove duplicity in spec fileMartin Styk1-3/+0
Removed setuptools from BuildRequires Change-Id: Ibc36c1c86f8d4c71a429e4e82a26720c77f2d96f Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-29Add Beaker 27 hash to upgrade docs pageMartin Styk1-0/+1
Change-Id: Id0bf914a2ce01e2d28bc3282cfbe426dd276361a Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-29Store hash for Beaker 27 releaseMartin Styk1-0/+1
Change-Id: I370984d78bc8a7f7cb47a9422b97a82711cb5223 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-27Add support for stickler botMartin Styk1-0/+12
Stickler will be part of our review process (pull requests) after migration to GitHub is done. Change-Id: I149b6a1c5d0ee81cac1f79ccb09b715e6ea46292 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-26Remove amtc_bkr power-scriptMartin Styk1-97/+0
We can't satisfy requirements for amtc_bkr as amtc package is not part of Fedora/RHEL. Therefore, is not wise to ship it as part of Beaker by default. Change-Id: I0e5e2d66eb1ee7eac1075b36931351578f7f7f80 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-12Add owner/submitter/group to scheduler task_infoMartin Styk1-0/+12
We are using task_info function in AMQ messages. Task_info is providing data for AMQ message header. Right now we would be missing crucial fields in the header. Because filtering will be mainly done on owner/submitter and some cases on group. Change-Id: Ie0eb0a9c20c1f0ad8541841cd0ffa291592c1338 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-08Add RNC schema for task and jobMartin Styk3-1/+1348
Bug: 1384903 Change-Id: I8d09264c87b7d8fb5c4223d9475747d7548b366d Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-08Update documentation for TFTP folderMartin Styk1-1/+10
Change-Id: I933c6b7d64b7c8ac90221c33dd76e635a576fcb1 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-08Enable AMQ messaging in BeakerMartin Styk5-642/+1075
Change-Id: I7048a66f46fac4363eae4a48fd23891932f7a853 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-06Fix filter for OpenStack flavorsMartin Styk2-3/+4
The condition should be greater or equal to 10G. Instead of greater. Change-Id: I923414129194dd1424f3f4c8bce1523a7146f012 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-06Add visbility support for iPXE image creationMartin Styk1-1/+6
Change-Id: I92efecf9c3d1fb59f4c8c20726d2eea2dc306237 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-05Doc clean-up for HTTP APIMartin Styk3-12/+11
Change-Id: I794450f7f5cbb2b400afcd7bf4cdb227d66e04ef Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-04Fix minimal size of disk for OpenStack provisionMartin Styk1-184/+267
Change-Id: I73a774f3c543c74c7c5dc116795b38a2ec8a77cd Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-02Set correct MIME type for kickstart endpointMartin Styk1-2/+4
Change-Id: I0c4590b553f1c13527614cbaa6e5b472ce9ceb42 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-08-01XMLRPC: Override default behavior to store cookiesMartin Styk1-2/+16
Change-Id: I2fea896715b443b8f20a98a843346652385107b6 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-07-28Create PXE menu for PPC64(LE) architectureMartin Styk1-47/+74
Change-Id: Ibbe2be7bbd067c125ad493998f865963b8c61e34 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-07-22Update OpenStack documentation to reflect RHEL7Martin Styk1-8/+8
Change-Id: Ie4cd23202922a4c5b53227b186cb4bd27cf7dbcd Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-07-18Port beaker-wizard to Python 3Tomas Klohna2-31/+96
* Unicode is now present for all strings in Python 2 * Make beaker-wizard compatible with Python 3 * Several small bug fixes * Fix test_accepts_non_ascii_names test Bug: 1724187 Change-Id: I736f85dac7c2e3d6351df925b73f2754f5a1ecdd
2019-07-16Update Frontend for OpenStack integrationMartin Styk4-107/+129
Change-Id: I409d6adb2eda5765d1f49ddcfb9f0379a7a30a50 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-07-04Add documentation for new HTTP AuthentificationMartin Styk2-67/+91
Change-Id: Icecea4d268bb73fe978819c7bc5761a6dee9182c Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-07-01Add Flask API for Authentification moduleMartin Styk2-52/+237
Change-Id: I15f1ed75717e606a359e686c76397119cb113e1b Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-25Add bkr system-history-listMartin Styk2-215/+388
Introduced new cli command system-history-list This command shows history of activity for given system. Bug: 1723692 Change-Id: I5867bc15eb1d8ae2cf6aa649ecaaaae26846b237 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-24Update installation guide to RHEL 7 setupMartin Styk1-30/+30
Change-Id: I2464b50624bde729a57fbba232e4776fd6aebabc Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-20Add support for Hygon Dhyana processorJinke Fan1-0/+5
This patch is used to add family id and vendor string support to Hygon Dhyana processor. More details can be found on: Change-Id: I033e664462d59ce17019582c2618fdb9aec58aca
2019-06-14Update System requirementsMartin Styk1-3/+3
Change-Id: I675c5e89fa36bb194522c629097582c80a43eaca Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-05Add python-six to beaker specMartin Styk1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ibacc83e9485c993d7007a01bfbfddb049b31dc7a Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-05Add gssapi dependency for beaker-clientMartin Styk1-0/+1
Change-Id: If97635de74333d09dafd59e7f9ecdd90d0579860 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-06-03Remove TurboGears from KickstartMartin Styk3-488/+598
Also codestyle is corrected Change-Id: I4ad73148f722eb7e65ca612e62dd26e1927c5e90 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-31distro_virt is a no-op and doesn't do anything anymoreBill Peck1-5/+0
Update docs to match what is supported. Change-Id: Ic034515fd655c8e3573e21d3ba262193da00ab0d
2019-05-30Improve bash-completion scriptJohn L. Villalovos1-42/+51
Rewrite the bash-completion script. Changes include: * Speed improvements if have created the cache directory: ~/.cache/bkr/bash_completion/ * Ability to specify file names for commands which take files * Use the bash-completion functions to parse options Speed is drastically improved when using the cache directory. In my testing it would take about 0.5 seconds to generate the bash-completion options. By using the cache directory it becomes almost instantaneous. Change-Id: I33505bc198693830441bcabc19341c289494637c
2019-05-22Use session for OpenStack connection in inttestMartin Styk3-42/+77
Change-Id: Id5496bd91720fdbeaabc1d03407aef7089275e91 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-21Merge branch 'release-26' into developMartin Styk110-930/+1995
Change-Id: I98a4ad3bc08a2414e22a2a4d1cf2009156bca65a Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-21Automatic commit of release 26.5beaker-26.5masterMartin Styk7-8/+8
Change-Id: Ie06fc974279be87da7e0b3822f969ab3c800b625
2019-05-21Release notes for Beaker 26.5Martin Styk2-17/+63
Change-Id: I28e5492c831563badb1de006a04d60a20ef815ce Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-15Document testinfo.desc fields known to beakerCarol Bouchard2-109/+282
This changeset cleans-up the task metadata documentation which defines fields found in the file testinfo.desc known to beaker. Doc changes include: * Putting variables in Mandatory and optional order, then putting them in alphabetical order. * Adding new variables Architectures, Bugs, Destructive, Environment, Priority, TestVersion, and Type. * Miscellaneous changes like eliminatino of whitespace, obsolete data, statements, and typos. Bug: 1120496 Change-Id: I22e2191d9c95a3a140beba70cb5a0d0e963cb3b0
2019-05-15Fix crash for bkr job-submit with --combineMartin Styk1-1/+3
Bug: 1455424 Change-Id: Ied1c6ee3210642ccdbd829022d3a64b9cef0a39f Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-13Modify recipe page CSS to fit longer task namesTomas Klohna1-3/+1
Bug: 1362048 Change-Id: I0c77c021aef53d605be6325f44dd4c55b91f2099
2019-05-13Add System/Notes as a searchable item in Web UITomas Klohna5-3/+51
It's now possible to search using the new System/Notes filter. The filter is case-insensitive if using `contains` operator. Bug: 1229802 Change-Id: Iea6f1873cd061d43c0afb44bd8103373db09841e
2019-05-10Added amtc_bkr power scriptJirka Hladky1-0/+97
Change-Id: Idd6635f7837f36cb8e2e3bfe073948fba52c0411
2019-05-06fix OpenStack cheapest flavor provisioningChristopher Beer2-2/+6
The OpenStack provisioning code tries to pick the smallest flavor (VM configuration) that exceeds the specified requirements. The existing code was just sorting available flavors by RAM. This update adds disk size into the sort since there can be multiple VM flavors with the same size RAM (sorting on just RAM was causing infrequent integration test failures). Bug: 1707057 Change-Id: I1dbf243f9e2c1c63f16ccaa3b4dff1447ea38de1
2019-05-06Add OpenStack network configuration supportChristopher Beer4-131/+341
To support the PSI OpenStack system, configuration information needs to be provided for setting up the VM network connections. Bug: 1654848 Change-Id: If1a95ee77c4d669ddffac13e42ad4e90462219f5
2019-05-06Extend bkr job-list command with new parametersTomas Klohna5-30/+121
* Simplify and correct Job filter method in * New parameters availiable for job-list command ** --group <group_name> - list jobs for specific group ** --my-groups - list jobs for groups that logged-in user is part of Bug: 1414669 Change-Id: Iece17d7eb54d977a5eb56f54357232b95ce78acb
2019-05-06Fix broken output for beaker-client helpMartin Styk2-1/+4
Change-Id: Ie6a40b72ea441e02a06c6caa2939c53ccf28574f Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-05-02Enable build in RHEL 8Martin Styk2-3/+14
Patch removed unnecessary packages required during RPM build build for Python 3 builds. Change-Id: I5ce49ad2a01ce807635e6b5d2dac68204ba7c9bf Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>
2019-04-30Enable Python 3 in BeakerMartin Styk88-1741/+2869
Intention of this patch is to provide beaker packages in Python 3 OS distributions (e.g. RHEL 8). Currently, we have to provide beaker-common and beaker-client package in python 3 variant. Following things we're done to support this: 1. SPEC file updated to build only client and common RPM for F30+ and RHEL8+. 2. Updated Makefiles to be able use Python 2 and Python 3 3. Updated files to be able use Python 2 and Python 3 4. Updated common + client code base with syntax supported by Python 2 and Python 3 5. Clean up of unused imports/variables/files 6. Created XMLRPC Python 3 implementation - Common package Change-Id: I8ae3ad8b2317fe7ab787b164cb1120d8982956a3 Signed-off-by: Martin Styk <>