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2018-10-04Automatic commit of release 26.0beaker-26.0Dan Callaghan7-8/+8
2018-09-28Automatic commit of release 26.0rc1beaker-26.0rc1Dan Callaghan7-9/+9
2018-09-28release notes for 26.0Dan Callaghan3-12/+156
Change-Id: Ia47d5714cd61d9f13a7779f810a9e08e30fd324c
2018-09-28docs: fix wrong heading level for 25.5 release notesDan Callaghan1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7343393436d34a6bfa86e20cdd0aa3e8b27ce79a
2018-09-28Merge branch 'release-25' into developDan Callaghan25-51/+139
2018-09-25expand device.fw_version columnDan Callaghan3-1/+40
Bug: 1630884 Change-Id: I04a1d5ee2c9aeabe995b828deb20ffeaa67a880e
2018-09-24redirect TESTOUT.log requests to taskout.logDan Callaghan2-1/+24
For compatibility with user's scripts which were written assuming the Beah filename TESTOUT.log, to avoid having to update them (or add conditionals) when recipes are using Restraint instead of Beah. Bug: 1622805 Change-Id: I1fcb3385b077d7947976471f100734a49c9c58ee
2018-09-24Make beaker-wizard recognize new CVE number schemerelease-25R贸man Joost2-1/+10
A syntax change has occurred with CVE ID numbers. The new syntax is in variable length starting with at least four digits: This patch makes beaker-wizard compliant to accept these numbers. Bug: 1624909 Change-Id: I9c1773dcfc29b80cedcf02ffca1c0f94cd8cb82a
2018-09-20verify /usr/libexec/platform-python is Python 3Jeffrey Bastian17-32/+64
Bug: 1625234 Change-Id: I473ad7dffc18b89ec58b9ac231f6cdae2bd589a8 Signed-off-by: Jeffrey Bastian <>
2018-09-20add '-d 1' to yum install commands on RHEL3 and RHEL4Dan Callaghan6-11/+23
This avoids printing a lot of hashes which can take a long time if the serial console is slow. Bug: 1622753 Change-Id: I8b66b5b588b62565a9e53d99268f24403c3ee406
2018-09-19Remove MD5 from anamon file uploadJacob McKenzie1-7/+2
Anamon was still populating md5 field in xmlrpc uploads, but beaker no longer uses this field. Change-Id: I0800269ef5d7aca35dfd4167f004e05711e7a38a
2018-08-31tests: ensure that beaker-init knows about the latest schema versionDan Callaghan1-0/+40
Change-Id: I3cb59a65cccc46b39f8ec6611e21a1965a67cde3
2018-08-31Merge branch 'release-25' into developDan Callaghan31-114/+326
2018-08-24docs: use built-in extlinks extension instead of rolling our ownDan Callaghan1-12/+4
Change-Id: I2f2cd20e4f3763afd5ef74830df7638f7116923c
2018-08-09fix DECIMAL columns if their scale is wrongDan Callaghan7-33/+69
The default MySQL precision and scale for DECIMAL (or Numeric in Python land) is 10,0 but for unexplained reasons the Red Hat production instance of Beaker has these columns as DECIMAL(10,2) instead. This patch makes the precision and scale explicit for all such columns, and adds extra checks to test_database_migration to catch inconsistencies. A migration is added to fix any old Beaker instances which have this problem. Bug: 1600281 Change-Id: Ia7b94c40fca81adb2c0075f1caf384f9e1c64aa3
2018-08-09Merge branch 'release-25' into developDan Callaghan4-13/+46
2018-08-09tests: use /distribution/check-install for completenessDan Callaghan15-90/+90
In these test cases, the actual task name is incidental, it could be anything. However since /distribution/check-install is the way of the future, let's update them all to use the new name for completeness. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: I88391273b58cb83bb9943fb3b72e97545feeed0a
2018-08-09docs: replace all incidental references to /distribution/installDan Callaghan7-14/+15
The new /distribution/check-install is the way of the future, we want people to see that when they read examples and explanations in the docs. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: Ia23df4fe1600224742242245f02bb43844b5bb07
2018-08-09docs: describe /distribution/check-installDan Callaghan1-11/+23
Also retain the description of /distribution/install as it has a long life ahead of it yet. Removed the suggestion that the install task uploads Anaconda logs, because it actually didn't really upload many of them. Anamon already does a much better job of this, and the Installation tab of the recipe page is generally the right place to look first. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: Ia82c7780d75e2e7ed36ae27a69f01477703017ed
2018-08-09STABLE tagging script: use /distribution/check-installDan Callaghan1-1/+1
It seems highly unlikely that anybody is still even using this Beaker facility, but might as well update it for completeness anyway. 馃し Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: Ie8043524ca0881b51cdef8f34656097ddac0043f
2018-08-09bkr workflows: use /distribution/check-installDan Callaghan8-30/+167
... instead of /distribution/install, on Fedora 29 and up, and RHEL8 and up. On older distros we continue scheduling /distribution/install to avoid unexpectedly changing the task name that will appear in people's results. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: I87870a21fc80aafe73cbf77802506c3407b0431a
2018-08-09inventory jobs: use /distribution/check-installDan Callaghan2-1/+3
... instead of /distribution/install. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: I98fb6314960e8d1bcc1aa189ecd1d56ba149bc1a
2018-08-09reserve workflow: use /distribution/check-installDan Callaghan3-1/+21
... instead of /distribution/install, as the first task in the recipe. Bug: 1188539 Change-Id: Iffb52fe554b1b1f40b5711403288a3ae040e6393
2018-08-08tests: cover the "external watchdog script" functionalityDan Callaghan4-0/+80
Change-Id: I421b074e17a3e02541e293eba6d9267da5b1c859
2018-08-08tests: remove obsolete log rotation settings from LC configDan Callaghan1-6/+0
These settings were removed in commit b0b17428, when we switched to logging through syslog instead. Change-Id: I423b768f6dcd95cdbbdf962ee49728f26f9cfa10
2018-08-08restructure beaker-watchdog using gevent, tidy up error handlingDan Callaghan4-173/+178
This adjusts the beaker-watchdog daemon to closely match the structure of beaker-provision. The main loop is a polling loop which spawns and manages a set of greenlets. The actual aim of this patch is to clean up the error handling behaviour and shutdown behaviour, so that it doesn't crash mysteriously if an error occurs in any of the loops. Bug: 991269 Change-Id: I064d4253c9a933601c2f6da2b5a3296dc746ad07
2018-08-08remove verbose traceback printingDan Callaghan3-286/+5
In theory, these detailed tracebacks showing all local variables in every stack frame, can help to debug unexpected problems in production. However in practice it turns out that they typically just make the logs totally unreadable (each verbose traceback is many screenfuls long) and they generally do not tell us anything that a normal traceback plus carefully worded log messages can't already tell us. Therefore to simplify things, let's remove the support and use regular logger.exception() calls instead. Change-Id: I362fc09ad23a2407ba10bd6eddc04158e1e152bb
2018-08-07fill in custom packages into %packages in sorted orderDan Callaghan2-2/+2
This test was failing intermittently because the custom packages are being filled into the kickstart in database order, which is arbitrary. It would be nicer if we could put them into the kickstart in the same order they appear in the job XML, but we do not persist the ordering so the best we can do instead is obtain a consistent ordering by sorting them on the way out. This should fix the test, but it should also be nicer for humans too. The packages will not appear in the kickstart in a totally random-looking order. Change-Id: Ia3d957232219c81d0272406643e4178a79bac87f
2018-08-07Merge branch 'release-25' into developDan Callaghan11-9/+96
2018-08-03Do not pre-fill task requirements in the kickstartR贸man Joost6-29/+104
Because we're switching to Restraint as the default test harness for Fedora 29, RHEL8 and higher, we can stop populating packages in the kickstart. Restraint will install all task dependencies before it executes the tasks. Bug: 1589614 Change-Id: I9cbce2137955d3f1a83130199753f2758cfd39c4
2018-07-31show lists in sorted order on the task pageDan Callaghan2-12/+12
These fields are lists of string identifiers. They come back from the server in arbitrary database order. Let's sort them alphabetically so they look nice for the humans. This also helps the tests too. I found this because an unrelated patch was causing a test failure, like this: ====================================================================== FAIL: test_exclusive_releases (bkr.inttest.server.selenium.test_tasks.TestSubmitTask) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/bkr/inttest/server/selenium/", line 269, in test_exclusive_releases 'RedHatEnterpriseLinux6\n' AssertionError: u'RedHatEnterpriseLinux7\nRedHatEnterpriseLinux6' != 'RedHatEnterpriseLinux6\nRedHatEnterpriseLinux7' It was because my patch had caused RedHatEnterpriseLinux7 to be inserted into the database earlier than RedHatEnterpriseLinux6, thus causing the server to start returning the values in a different order. Change-Id: I7e9c906c73420bf2f1feebdf057a9b92b9b9fe63
2018-07-27replace job dirty_version/clean_version columns with a simple is_dirty flagDan Callaghan5-21/+67
Bug: 1297603 Change-Id: Ic1ee5d3d4f17a201fe583a0d49e2c574a305fcf2
2018-07-23Merge branch 'release-25' into developR贸man Joost23-203/+270
Change-Id: Ib6922f054cc4e5baf9736b479eb383c7bdd4b9ed
2018-07-17Make restraint the default harnessR贸man Joost7-49/+30
Bug: 1589610 Change-Id: Ia4e86c7af75b44d3b45127722f99b2affc6f1c61
2018-07-17Use ks_meta variable to disable default harness repositoryR贸man Joost12-18/+50
In order for users to prevent Beaker from including the default harness repository, this patch introduces a new ks_meta variable 'no_default_harness_repo'. When this variable is set, the default Beaker harness repository is not configured in the kickstart. Bug: 1599136 Change-Id: I8a910d851a850b8169620c93c44dab8571fcd4c9
2018-07-05Merge branch 'release-25' into developDan Callaghan52-61/+1481
2018-06-19Remove reference to stack overflowR贸man Joost1-3/+2
The idea of posting questions for Beaker on Stack Overflow and therefore building up a repository of Questions/Answers which can be found by Google never took off. Change-Id: Ic704bf22795e54b82741087ca52c1f41561ba6a8
2018-06-19Add link to PDF version of our user guideR贸man Joost1-0/+6
Change-Id: I1880d5d133c05035a1f63216a4c05e82a7d7c747
2018-05-23Merge branch 'release-25' into developMatt Tyson68-1456/+213
Change-Id: I4ac349c13fd3d0a89f7ace45eb01b4eaa289f101
2018-05-17Merge branch 'release-25' into developMatt Tyson90-154/+1492
Change-Id: Id908740a754df64eb89585442cf23936da9cee09
2018-04-19Merge branch 'release-25' into developR贸man Joost18-40/+3717
2018-04-11Merge branch 'release-25' into developR贸man Joost45-265/+922
2018-03-14bkr workflow-reserve: reserve a systemMatt Tyson1-8/+8
Fix broken doc markup. Options such as --machine, --arch, --distro are options that belong to the bkr client itself. The proper cross referencing needs to be set up so Sphinx can generate links back to the bkr client docs, instead of looking for the options in the current doc. Change-Id: I702d4fc3b8d06d7dc54df9c731fec58f4dfee6c3
2018-03-13uncomment whats-new/next for developMatt Tyson1-12/+10
Change-Id: I0e7e6092d64f168f1f18176b89349635fad5aa39
2018-03-13bkr workflow-reserve: reserve a systemMatt Tyson4-0/+257
Bug: 1165960 Change-Id: I0826647a69ee705094f0cc0d10b64b22169b0786