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2017-05-30Automatic commit of release 24.3beaker-24.3Dan Callaghan7-8/+8
2017-05-29release notes for 24.3Dan Callaghan1-0/+49
Change-Id: If1d90c0b7a529aa016d3d42e70870693b3aff557
2017-05-26server update-inventory: always force correct hostnameJonathan Toppins3-2/+13
When running the inventory update task the running task needs to communicate back to the beaker server which machine entry the updated inventory should be applied to. This is done by locally (on the machine running the task) pulling the configured hostname. This however can result in many issues, lets say the kickstart script is custom and so overwrites /etc/hosts resulting in the hostname being reported always as Or the dhcp server being used does not issue hostnames in sync with the entries in beaker. All of these systems are outside the control of beaker, and can result in the update inventory task failing simply because the task cannot tell the server which machine entry the information should be associated with. Oddly enough the inventory update task allows for someone to override the hostname used with a task parameter. We change the beaker server to always issue this task parameter, eliminating all these subtle issues for how this task could fail. Bug: 1438666 Change-Id: Ie0eaaa54611a1ac0ea452ad975d2d2adaade4c39 Signed-off-by: Jonathan Toppins <>
2017-05-26server update-inventory: make dryrun not check if already scheduledJonathan Toppins2-1/+21
Normally when update-inventory is run a check is performed to determine if an inventory update is already scheduled for the system. If an update is, the server will respond with a 409 error saying an update is already scheduled. However, if dryrun is true the check is still performed. This seems unnecessary and prevents someone from running the command just to generate the xml. This change makes it so the check is not performed when dryrun is True. Bug: 1335394 Change-Id: I71cc8af01f4087b7b7a250d74d1004a876f4148f Signed-off-by: Jonathan Toppins <>
2017-05-26bkr-update-inventory: report human error message to userJonathan Toppins1-4/+11
update-inventory allows the user to specify N number of servers on the command line to trigger an inventory update for. This means that the update-inventory command needs to catch any errors received back from the server so they don't cause the program to terminate early. Therefore, we need to reuse the exception handling used in Client/src/bkr/client/ so that we print the human readable error message instead of just the HTTP status code and its textual version. Bug: 1335394 Change-Id: I58ae3a8c7670dde44e72bfc2dc846d014e30a763 Signed-off-by: Jonathan Toppins <>
2017-05-26use mirrorlist not metalink for Fedora updates repoDan Callaghan4-4/+4
This matches what the official Fedora kickstarts are doing. Starting from Fedora 26 Anaconda will no longer silently accept metalink URLs in the --mirrorlist option so we need to get it right. Bug: 1442146 Change-Id: Ia82b6506d9628a670e780c41e445d2405e2bb6ee
2017-05-22don't reject host filtering options when --machine is givenDan Callaghan2-12/+24
Bug: 1234323 Change-Id: I48a8e7e12dff8fd34777294c3c43ec283ee9d611
2017-05-18anamon3: read files in binary modeDan Callaghan1-11/+5
This way we only ever deal in raw bytes, not decoded strings. The file contents are passed back to Beaker and stored as raw bytes. Also dropped the unnecessary MD5 stuff (beaker-proxy has always ignored this parameter). Bug: 1442147 Change-Id: I5f70f0c7b262218de08319e3f2ad8a1993818af6
2017-05-18add httpd alias for anamon3Dan Callaghan1-0/+1
Bug: 1442147 Change-Id: Iad6f706d214e10eddde8f1b133012370d1e96738
2017-04-26return correct id in system JSON representationDan Callaghan3-3/+64
Previously was overwriting if the user was permitted to see power settings, because the System.__json__() method does data.update(self.power.__json__()). Bug: 1386074 Change-Id: I0ee4c762c637953a16434f0d34f88b22a04a734f
2017-04-20Make anamon script work for both python 2 and python 3Johnny Bieren17-52/+476
(jbieren author of anamon3 modification) Use the right branch this time Add kickstart expected file changes modify solution to deal with quoting and still be safe Fix whitespace issue to match expected output Bug: 1442147 Change-Id: I7ea8e597d45bd9c79982b05a7ccffe999b88d229