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2017-03-01Automatic commit of release 24.1beaker-24.1Dan Callaghan7-8/+8
2017-02-28release notes for 24.1Dan Callaghan1-0/+28
Change-Id: I1bc911b9d5f3bf33c10dc1510eb4d0d2271c9929
2017-02-27update the mapping of Beaker version to db schema version for 24.0Matt Jia2-0/+2
Change-Id: I436272b7500a55aef7a5187172060aef313cf76f
2017-02-27remove the special handling for the data migrationsMatt Jia1-11/+0
Since we are in 24.0, we do not need to handle the case in which the data_migration table doesn't exist Change-Id: I03c3bcba091e6d02ee09b0c0694ca27fd293cefd
2017-02-25fix a dumb typo in commit 10b69af8Dan Callaghan1-1/+0
Change-Id: Ic1429510eaf87c5e8e94889e418924c740dac238
2017-02-24only show link to http://$THESYSTEM if recipe is Running or ReservedDan Callaghan3-2/+26
The purpose of the link is to be a shortcut to some web application which is set up as part of the recipe, so it only makes sense to show the link once the installation is done, and while the recipe is not finished. Bug: 1412878 Change-Id: Ib9b42e7ae57f36201cb2c85d107c80ec4d5af4e2
2017-02-23send beakerd metrics queries to reports engineDan Callaghan1-2/+11
These queries are somewhat expensive, and they don't need to be totally live, so they are a good candidate for offloading to a separate replica database. Bug: 1425522 Change-Id: Idd329977b67c07209777c4604b5b5d5441ce71a5
2017-02-22fix typo in populating excluded_osmajors for task uploadsDan Callaghan3-1/+16
Bug: 1422410 Change-Id: I3409126ceac67d8f74340316f31f56347649e67c
2017-02-21tests: ensure we start with a pristine tasks directoryDan Callaghan3-20/+10
When the test suite starts the database is empty (there are no task records) so let's make the basepath.rpms directory match. Currently, if there are some files left behind in the basepath.rpms directory from a previous test run, it will cause some tests in bkr.inttest.client.test_task_add to fail. The tests in bkr.inttest.server.selenium.test_tasks were avoiding this problem by unlinking the files as soon as they were uploaded, but that is actually backwards. A more realistic scenario is that the files are *not* on disk for a fresh Beaker with an empty database, and they *are* left on disk after uploading. Change-Id: I93490a46c23e3e9e46bfa2c8252448d331a47675
2017-02-20also log *before* handling an XMLRPC requestDan Callaghan1-0/+4
Currently the only way we can see what was in an XMLRPC request is the debug logging which Beaker produces. The Apache access logs are useless for XMLRPC because every request is just POST /client/. However if the request hits a MemoryError this typically breaks all the error handling code paths as well, which means that the log message at the end is never logged and so it's impossible to know which XMLRPC request triggered the MemoryError. If we also log the details of the XMLRPC request *before* we start handling it we should be able to identify the requests even if they subsequently hit MemoryError. Change-Id: Ib57c4f5a217ce4b21212214ec4fe985088571b76
2017-02-17avoid allocations in the last resort error handling pathDan Callaghan1-1/+4
This error handling path is supposed to kill Apache workers that have hit MemoryError before they poison any other requests. But just logging a message can itself crash with MemoryError. Bug: 1422874 Change-Id: I3072c4d334d01b7396ce988f34eddcec3f1a4f72
2017-02-15ignore 'src' arch when importing Fedora 25Dan Callaghan43-0/+968
Bug: 1412487 Change-Id: Ifcb13fd7d9398a502309c4459330d37a13f4d50b
2017-02-09docs: fix wrong indentation in 24.0 release notesDan Callaghan1-4/+4
The extra space was being interpreted as a blockquote in the middle of the paragraph. Change-Id: Ifa8908d03702b1ee1d08d323e405acc08b58128a