AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2016-07-07Automatic commit of release 23.0beaker-23.0Dan Callaghan8-9/+9
2016-06-30Automatic commit of release 23.0rc1beaker-23.0rc1Dan Callaghan7-9/+9
2016-06-30db schema is frozen for 23.0Dan Callaghan4-0/+3441
Change-Id: I156cc28eadd8123dabcee7963e864326fe431bac
2016-06-29Beaker 23 release notesRoman Joost16-128/+459
Change-Id: I3340e93db313f1cd53a4f6a18ae669051d4c9cd2
2016-06-29map Installing status to Running during db downgradeDan Callaghan2-0/+52
Bug: 1346586 Change-Id: I5c6b43a006923e1ce398722425a2ac796207d1b1
2016-06-29prevent double alert in UI while submit button is disabledBlake McIvor1-3/+6
Bug: 1346115 Change-Id: I7d3a1ae6c29e57f6c73eb8f6b82ce0fa8f7fd592
2016-06-29Set watchdog timeout after rebootRoman Joost2-0/+45
In case the machine does not power on after rebooting, this patch sets an explicit watchdog timeout to avoid systems remain in WAITING indefinitely. Bug: 1348018 Change-Id: Id58e1755154d71035174ae4b546b8226b7683911
2016-06-20prevent double POST with ctrl+enter form submitBlake McIvor3-8/+23
Bug: 1346115 Change-Id: Ie884775dd3e60738f239466a3b7a189451a1a9a2
2016-06-16various minor mishaps in docsBlake McIvor3-6/+6
Change-Id: I645ac5bd8b0f9e50426ea3f8f4f69b8f027d4475
2016-06-14improve bkr group-modify man page and regression test --add-memberBlake McIvor2-1/+25
Bug: 1328313 Change-Id: If0a78eff4315023bd735ec6105327eb13edc35cb
2016-06-13add a link to failed recipes in notification emailBlake McIvor3-2/+37
Bug: 1326968 Change-Id: I45cdc901bad0bbe6ef007bb3857cf49753b44ef1
2016-06-12make submission of forms possible on Ctrl-Enter keypressBlake McIvor4-0/+44
Bug: 1335370 Change-Id: Icaf10f04551d5e1da20a670b53edbcb0143e5998
2016-06-12improve bkr group-modify man page and regression test --remove-memberBlake McIvor2-1/+25
Bug: 1336966 Change-Id: I3066c968290400132d1841ca965e9b1e96d12cf8
2016-06-10allow RecipeActivity to be imported from bkr.server.modelMatt Jia1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iba5f9e2022bed070756b86c9cae1a20e508a7fc5
2016-06-10bkr labcontroller-modify: CLI for modifying a lab conrollerMatt Jia3-0/+268
Bug: 1337812 Change-Id: I3fc5be0256a7fdd176759b7a095262d9f066820c
2016-06-10fix for updating the existing lab controllers credentialsMatt Jia2-3/+73
Bug: 1339034 Change-Id: Ief7d54f16e04d2f7dcd0de10e6e010a7dc9c47ec
2016-06-10use sqlalchemy validator for users' display name and email addressMatt Jia7-38/+101
This cleans up the code a bit for the user HTTP APIs. Also this prevents the possibility of creating a user account with invalid email address by using the lab controller APIs. Bug: 1337812 Change-Id: I560b6278b04844c39232d4b4ccd26b0673ca66ad
2016-06-10validate that lab controller FQDN is validMatt Jia8-63/+110
Bug: 1337812 Change-Id: I34e026aac62426a332e75b51c7cd92c3c007e12c
2016-06-10bkr labcontroller-create: CLI for creating a new lab conrollerMatt Jia5-6/+164
Bug: 1211119 Change-Id: I3b8309895ee70ac1514a5fefb45309317dcab0f6
2016-06-10better repr() for Activity typesDan Callaghan1-0/+11
Currently they are mostly unreadable because they include a nested repr() of self.object, which for many types is extremely long. Just self.object_id is enough. Change-Id: I7a9a849712a9cb2e3f43fbf81c9f525d2e4ad1bd
2016-06-10Fix beaker-import to not choke when armhfp is missing uimage or uinitrd.Bill Peck1-12/+20
Bug: 1333516
2016-06-10bkr system-create: CLI for creating a new systemMatt Jia8-143/+598
Bug: 1323885 Change-Id: I5ee981497fbf1e7696ab797e26139f2120121d45
2016-06-10delete obsoleted data on log_recipe_task_result for deleted jobsMatt Jia4-4/+50
Bug: 1337790 Change-Id: If102ab76a3801c979f4af16562bba149994928d8
2016-06-10remove all sub views when a popover is closedMatt Jia2-4/+45
When a popover is closed, the correspond Backbone view will be removed. However, the view may contain some subviews which are binding Backbone events. Those subviews need to be removed as well to avoid causing unexpected behavior like this bug. Bug: 1340689 Change-Id: Ie3fb42f17bad0cf01f16c6c24747fbcd785a8862
2016-06-10fix a slow query on the recipes pageMatt Jia1-3/+3
Bug: 846199 Change-Id: Ic38b18174689754abd3a6543180070cd13da2030
2016-06-09beaker-provision: trigger a reauthenticationMatt Jia1-0/+9
This will get beaker-provision recover when the server is back from an extended period of down time. Bug: 1087225 Change-Id: I810b373aefaade5d50474d8c9bc9216a5fb95a0a
2016-06-08make recipe page views listen for all the right model changesDan Callaghan6-24/+131
The page is re-fetching the recipe JSON every 30 seconds, we want all the views to update themselves to reflect any changes while a recipe is running. Bug: 1335343 Change-Id: I7d8dbd90bbc0875228df92146b7c088bb17b3e72
2016-06-08update missing docs for updating recipe sets HTTP APIsMatt Jia1-0/+4
Change-Id: Icc33845125f3c39896d7e0e56755af9cf0627fef
2016-06-08link to new Mailman 3 archives pageDan Callaghan2-2/+2
Now that is migrated to Mailman 3, we can link to the new Hyperkitty archive page instead which looks much nicer than the old listinfo landing page. Change-Id: I0def9e00ddd3ea4d6f4f36c597ae93ff65392c7f
2016-06-08whiteboard was missing from cut-down recipe nested inside RecipeActivityDan Callaghan4-5/+9
This fixes the recipe activity grid, which was accidentally broken when commit 392d1a3c was applied. As well as adding the missing 'whiteboard' key to the nested recipe JSON, the job and recipe .toHTML() methods are enhanced to not explode in case the whiteboard attribute is missing for any reason. Change-Id: I19dc6c5527862a2bcc92f708eec302e88b41229d
2016-06-08test_system_loan: wait for loan modal to closeDan Callaghan1-3/+6
This was failing with newer WebDriver because of some extra sanity checks, complaining that we were clicking on a menu covered by the modal backdrop: WebDriverException: Message: Element is not clickable at point (1683, 20). Other element would receive the click: <div class="modal-backdrop in"></div> Change-Id: Iff9adc0be56a4b07cde3776f48f7f17a5082673e
2016-06-08tell Xvfb to listen on TCPDan Callaghan1-1/+1
In RHEL6.8 Xvfb stopped listening on TCP by default: The tests don't actually don't care whether clients are connecting over UNIX domain or TCP or whatever, but we look for the open TCP listening socket as a way to know that Xvfb is ready to accept connections. So the easiest solution is to just tell Xvfb to keep listening on TCP. Change-Id: I61ed7246e284a0db0275048575fe9b8a025794d6
2016-06-07recipe page: show guest-related info for guest recipesDan Callaghan5-4/+68
Bug: 626529 Change-Id: I5aa5feb6a3f273d122d69dfe2b31ae5965a4d6dd
2016-06-07recipe page: indicate position within the job in the page headerDan Callaghan3-3/+21
Change-Id: I394100a7c138658a81507e8a2b03499e3ddbc6b8
2016-06-07Add Blake to mapping of email to real name.Roman Joost1-0/+1
Change-Id: I4cbbd1f0c5da4e452e70ad2189f9882451bb298e
2016-06-07don't trim recipe durationDan Callaghan1-1/+1
We want {trim: false} here, otherwise it's possible to end up with a summary sentence like: Started 2 minutes ago and finished in 01. where the "01" means 1 second. Instead we want: Started 2 minutes ago and finished in 00:00:01. which is unambiguous. That's obviously a pathological case (I observed it in a test case, a normal recipe can never finish in 1 second) but the same applies for recipes which ran for less than an hour. A duration like "00:15:13" is less ambiguous than "15:13". Change-Id: Ic3253e8dd6ff268227d46567defd1639434bf4ad
2016-06-07fix URL generation for Job modelDan Callaghan1-0/+4
This is needed on the recipe page, where the Job instance is nested inside the RecipeSet (which is inside the Recipe) so the .url property is not set. Currently when the Job model on the recipe page changes, it's triggering an error when it tries to refresh JobActivity but there is no .url set. Change-Id: I4736d6647d0fb09ef01bfe21f78ec5f21e53ca2d
2016-05-30make --ignore-system-status applicable to bkr workflow subcommandsMatt Jia4-15/+26
Bug: 1319988 Change-Id: I28111cefc5130bf1d231d48555569eb1961a108d
2016-05-26modifying group by removing all given members for the userBlake McIvor2-5/+30
Bug: 1336966 Change-Id: I56c47e4fd1c36823ef87e158a152d85a462cad97
2016-05-25modifying group by adding all given members from userBlake McIvor2-8/+27
Bug: 1328313 Change-Id: Ic57e99ac8a318b03ef0912794155079391654314
2016-05-19fix extraneous whitespace around deleted job/recipe idsDan Callaghan2-6/+2
For deleted jobs, the job ID on the job page and recipe ID on the recipe page are shown struck-out. But if there is whitespace after the id inside the <span/> element, the strike-out extends into the space after the id and looks a bit weird. Change-Id: I16350e7d50626c10b551606bfff9f219ee03f108
2016-05-18New option to create test in the current directoryRoman Joost2-4/+29
This patch adds an option to beaker wizard to use the current directory as the test directory. Change-Id: Icd7686c980d65efc77caf9fc0db6241ec76868ca
2016-05-18Simplify task tutorialRoman Joost3-397/+100
This task tutorial has been simplified to provide a quick-start tutorial to write tasks. Restraint is used as a test harness so users can run their tasks straight of git repositories. Bug: 554844 Change-Id: I4f15614e94a75605ada26f737fa124d3dc185cb0
2016-05-12make writing comments a bit more efficient for usersDan Callaghan2-0/+11
Focus the textarea when opening the popover, and submit the form on Ctrl-Enter like many other applications. Change-Id: Iacb1fedc3813298cf0ae430c3aac3f53e348df11
2016-05-12right-align comment links on recipe pageDan Callaghan3-7/+10
This was done on the job page already, update the recipe page to match. Unfortunately we also have to expand the right-most flex box for status, otherwise the comment link (which now sits a bit further to the right, due to the right alignment) will cause the comment popover to be placed with its right edge partially outside the viewport. Change-Id: Ica33c5b70959ee90a18b74c048884e73a463d417
2016-05-11store timestamps as moment instances not stringsDan Callaghan10-29/+72
This lets us avoid constantly re-parsing them from strings into moment instances in all our templates, which wastes some CPU time when rendering recipes. Bug: 1326162 Change-Id: I2cc29115215e9aad823c32d9c96d24f96d5bef6b
2016-05-11refactor Installation to be a proper client-side modelDan Callaghan6-87/+128
Change-Id: Idc4c32ba652502f421250777c93205d51a1689a7
2016-05-11convert comments link and logs link to use DOM methodsDan Callaghan4-36/+65
... rather than a normal JST template passed to $.html(). The DOM methods are faster but much uglier to use. This speeds up rendering of large recipes substantially, since the comments link and logs link views are rendered in every result row. Bug: 1326162 Change-Id: I294ac954341bc7d0a3badfff54c46654f6228dce
2016-05-11recipe page: append tasks and results in one goDan Callaghan1-16/+17
Bug: 1326162 Change-Id: I5af01daf1804ef72e703af2f138ad738bff38bbf
2016-05-11only enable local-datetime.js on TurboGears pagesDan Callaghan30-52/+69
Newer Backbone pages, where the HTML is rendered client-side, will explicitly format timestamps into the local timezone rather than letting local-datetime.js come along and fix them up. This saves some wasted CPU time on the newer pages (in particular the recipe page) where local-datetime.js was doing a lot of work in the decorated jQuery methods. The local-datetime.js script will still have effect on older TurboGears pages, signalled by the presence of class="with-localised-datetimes" on the body. Bug: 1326162 Change-Id: I4bf58e39078b2476f6a8a835e360291b66558366