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2015-10-21Automatic commit of release 21.1beaker-21.1Dan Callaghan7-8/+8
2015-10-15release notes for 21.1Dan Callaghan2-0/+86
Change-Id: Ia182c45d20b1c253823b952ba2c590b21b879749
2015-10-15Fix marking systems as brokenRoman Joost5-19/+68
This patch fixes the detection of possible broken systems. Release 21 introduced a change as to when Beaker regards systems to be broken. By just looking at the Recipe status, systems were already regarded as broken if any of the tasks in a Recipe were set to aborted. This patch labels systems as broken if *all* tasks in a Recipe are set to aborted. The patch uses a hybrid method on a recipe to ensure that we call similar functionality from two different points in the code: 1. During an update status, we only want to trigger the suspicious_abort if all tasks in the current recipe are set to aborted. 2. Once (1.) is satisified, we only want to mark a system as broken, if - for the past two recipes - all tasks are aborted. Bug: 1270649 Change-Id: I66955ec7a19bd339e3d31cb81ad745a9d982a01c
2015-10-12beaker-wizard: restore previous name parsing behavioursDan Callaghan3-61/+91
This restores the previous behaviour for all the different cases documented in the man page, while still allowing custom test types. Also clarified and expanded the test cases for beaker-wizard's name guessing logic, which is how I noticed this issue in the first place. Bug: 1184907 Change-Id: I62f77dd70a592f1057193a1fb5a02d23dd34cf24
2015-10-09set leavebootorder in kernel options by default on ppcDan Callaghan2-55/+65
Also refactored the existing related cases in DistroTreeTest to move the assertions a bit closer to the corresponding setup. Bug: 1172472 Change-Id: I66b9c59bddbe46eaba6687b72f431bf77bd749d2
2015-10-06increase requested size of /boot to match documented recommendationsDan Callaghan4-20/+132
On RHEL7 and newer we can omit the size and just pass --recommended and Anaconda will pick the right size (currently 500MB). For older releases we still need to supply a fixed size. The sizes in this patch are based on the recommendations in the RHEL product documentation. The related bug has links. Bug: 1262098 Change-Id: I400bab5a77ac78d1a88409f2c9114719b59fa441
2015-09-29wizard: support custom test typesRoman Joost3-6/+83
Based on a patch contributed by Filip Holec <>. It gives the user full control over what test types will be created. Bug: 1184907 Change-Id: I8b686d217df6d756709969126e70529861a3fe9d
2015-09-28wizard: Integration testsRoman Joost3-0/+70
This patch contains code to write integration tests against the beaker wizard. Change-Id: I42b0a7244b40ba154e082a9c6bed8018b89473d2
2015-09-17labcontroller: ignore 'interrupt' actions as brokenRoman Joost2-1/+20
This patch delivers a workaround to not mark systems as broken in case power script did not support the interrupt action. Bug: 916302 Change-Id: I5ec6780d45fecd4e569df77ea7f7c6f445aaf316
2015-09-16client: Transfer ownership when removing accountsRoman Joost3-15/+58
This patch adds a client option when removing accounts to transfer ownership of a system to a given user. Bug: 1254385 Change-Id: I695923b52f047d58e2ede618ef8b089212a0469f
2015-08-28tests:fix timing issue with pool updateMatt Jia1-1/+1
Change-Id: I33475fad680729385f20a22319fa94aa0b107972 (cherry picked from commit e9f39cc5cd6d6bc0afe188c68550c29d51a97ba2)
2015-08-27docs: add db version for 21Dan Callaghan1-0/+1
Change-Id: I7e1f716bb9f5a72505986ca814c998ace8a29c98
2015-08-27Merge branch 'master' into release-21Dan Callaghan0-0/+0
2015-08-27add post-RC bug fixes to 21.0 release notesDan Callaghan1-0/+12
Change-Id: I333f2accbac36b60e79b20ad7d368af5d80dd572 (cherry picked from commit 8d7e0bb7eb160626d4a6b68541c7375b195927cd)
2015-08-27only click once to cancel pool deletion on the bootboxMatt Jia2-4/+20
Bug: 1251294 Change-Id: I4b3f7d4c8b789684c3be80f0a24df18cb3b04809
2015-08-27fix whiteboard filtering in jobs.filter XML-RPC methodDan Callaghan2-1/+24
The jobs.filter XML-RPC method was calling Job.by_whiteboard with the wrong arguments. It was expecting to pass an existing query (matching the calling convention of the other Job.by_* methods) but it doesn't actually accept that. As a result, filtering by whiteboard would discard any other filters applied. We can just filter the query directly, Job.by_whiteboard is not giving us anything useful here anyway. Bug: 1229937 Change-Id: I8188306307c0faaa634e2d98b9e7ca3060888a0c
2015-08-27add explicit .service suffix when invoking systemctlDan Callaghan11-81/+103
This is not needed on newer versions of systemd but some older (now EOL) Fedora releases need it. Bug: 1255210 Change-Id: Ie2f9025a3ec8844b3be92c796acbda5642084215
2015-08-27fence_ipmilan -i option is deprecated in favour of -aDan Callaghan1-1/+1
The -i option was removed entirely in fence-agents 4.0. Bug: 1254048 Change-Id: I7d90205684e8ebd48830880710987c779792109d
2015-08-27do not automatically create new arches when submitted in inventoryDan Callaghan2-5/+14
Bug: 1253111 Change-Id: I6313aa8893dcd3f8ba931862c555dc06ae39fa40
2015-08-27system pool: ensure pool names are not emptyRoman Joost3-1/+40
This patch adds a condition to the validation to prevent the update of system pools with an empty name. Bug: 1254381 Change-Id: I8ca4e7bdb21397d8c2f5d1c1796b2eb13487c2a8
2015-08-27add post-RC bug fixes to 21.0 release notesDan Callaghan1-0/+12
Change-Id: I333f2accbac36b60e79b20ad7d368af5d80dd572
2015-08-26make Location header values absolute using absolute_url()Dan Callaghan3-8/+10
If we put a relative URL into the Location header Flask will make it absolute for us, but in doing so it won't obey tg.url_scheme from the configuration. Bug: 1249496 Change-Id: I32db271880b9139586c9dde4535d057a7ca378c4
2015-08-26workflow commands: parse "like" operator in --hostrequireDan Callaghan2-1/+10
Bug: 1010355 Change-Id: I35216d022c4bba31b5acbbf4f17aba76d6bfca74
2015-08-26fix typo in handling of bkr job-list --tagDan Callaghan2-3/+19
The jobs.filter XML-RPC method is looking for 'tags' in the given dict of filter parameters, but the command was passing it as 'tag' instead (which is ignored and has no effect). Bug: 1229938 Change-Id: I7c071b88d6e6f6e846ef20cfb6ba85800bc17e1a