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2014-07-18Automatic commit of release 0.17.1beaker-0.17.1Dan Callaghan7-8/+8
2014-07-15release notes for 0.17.1Dan Callaghan1-0/+72
Change-Id: If260c6f863486c237499ab53f4c8cd45322bc848
2014-07-15Server tools should display a helpful error message when it fails toAmit Saha11-20/+31
read the server configuration due to insufficient permission Bug: 1111491 Change-Id: I00baef8967c66946f3c6a166429b5f61cc3e5636
2014-07-09power CSV export should only include systems which the user can editDan Callaghan3-3/+54
The web UI hides power config from users unless they have permission to edit the system, power CSV export should apply the same restriction. Bug: 1116722 Change-Id: I6b7948311ef11c14fd2d2b9fe262f8e34b243d55
2014-07-07fix system page activity grid sortingDan Callaghan2-3/+31
The fix for bug 1097094 (commit 49e16e2f) broke the grid sorting because the .dyn_activity query has a default order_by clause applied, and @paginate does not clear the existing ordering before it applies its own. Bug: 1097094 Change-Id: I18744286cd71530067dcf8475d7e77a1e303cd88
2014-07-03Include remote_post for manually provisioned systems as wellAmit Saha2-1/+9
(The original patch introduced this in 1479a07) Bug: 1099231
2014-07-02fix inefficient queries from system page activity tabDan Callaghan2-3/+3
There are two changes here: * use in the ORDER BY clause, instead of activity.created or (this allows MySQL to avoid a temp table and filesort) * pass a SQLAlchemy query through to the activity grid, so that TG @paginate can do its thing (this avoids fetching the entire activity result set, instead the query will have a suitable LIMIT applied) Bug: 1097094 Change-Id: I6732044f3cb4b440a23190eed717d2fc65c043b8
2014-06-26add --ondisk for /boot/efi partitionDan Callaghan2-1/+27
Bug: 1088761 Change-Id: I11ef5d49fcb624dc898c0b6d2c55ec0bbc9bb67c
2014-06-26beaker-provision: enforce timeout for fetching distro tree imagesDan Callaghan5-14/+71
A sane timeout is particularly important for fetching images because when beaker-provision shuts down it waits for all commands to complete normally, which means it will wait for the images to be fetched -- which could take forever if no timeout is enforced and the server is misbehaving. Bug: 1094553 Change-Id: Iaff0313f88b12f1ce708fc0a1b3e85c1fe08dc32
2014-06-26tests: consolidate and archive_server.pyDan Callaghan6-88/+76
Change-Id: I28b20b52a52ee7f4a1ea5dd152233701acc3bdea
2014-06-25new menu item Systems -> Reserve linking to Reserve WorkflowDan Callaghan2-1/+4
Bug: 1111508 Change-Id: I70c44519297655f61af82766eff388fc4a29d3a1
2014-06-25define /boot/efi partition instead of /boot for x86 EFI systemsDan Callaghan3-1/+58
Bug: 1088761 Change-Id: I748f0bdca52ca1588d90111e7aa403154f8a9a96
2014-06-24limit request bodies to 10MB in beaker-proxyDan Callaghan2-21/+42
Bug: 1003454 Change-Id: I80413b33b5024e8b4ba2e9d97bacaf7caa3756e5
2014-06-24generate menu for aarch64 in beaker-pxemenuDan Callaghan4-15/+111
Bug: 1084188 Change-Id: I4787af7e8fec625f831fe32da96708dfff6779fa
2014-06-24tests for beaker-pxemenuDan Callaghan4-46/+140
Change-Id: Id01dfb6c85dbb1d62e3c4dad1fafc7fba6310d96
2014-06-24change aarch64 TFTP locations from pxelinux/ to aarch64/Dan Callaghan3-22/+21
This commit also removes the symlink creation/removal business, which is not needed. Instead we can just write a default config to grub.cfg which immediately exits. This achieves the same effect and more closely corresponds to how we handle PXELINUX. Bug: 1078965 Change-Id: Id7bd78c0a59f3ce8d60965f682bee3f502e4883f
2014-06-23bare except: clause is badDan Callaghan1-1/+1
At least under gunicorn, SystemExit can be raised anywhere. 2014-06-20 11:40:39,998 bkr.server.xmlrpccontroller ERROR Error handling XML-RPC method Traceback (most recent call last): File "Server/bkr/server/", line 53, in RPC2 response = self.process_rpc(method,params) File "Server/bkr/server/", line 42, in process_rpc response = obj(*params) File "Server/bkr/server/", line 76, in login_password if not user.check_password(password): File "Server/bkr/server/model/", line 241, in check_password raw_password, self._password) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/", line 2592, in verify_and_update if not record.verify(secret, hash, **kwds): File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/utils/", line 571, in verify return consteq(self._calc_checksum(secret), chk) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/handlers/", line 84, in _calc_checksum return pbkdf2(secret, self.salt, self.rounds, self.checksum_size, self._prf) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/utils/", line 411, in pbkdf2 return join_bytes(gen())[:keylen] File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/utils/", line 408, in gen digest = prf_func(secret, digest) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/passlib/utils/", line 174, in prf return hmac_const(key, msg, digest) File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/M2Crypto/", line 98, in hmac return m2.hmac(key, data, md()) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/gunicorn/workers/", line 137, in handle_exit sys.exit(0) SystemExit: 0 Change-Id: I58dd93798bdd907c4f2c8a5beda89a7caa623ab6
2014-06-18bkr system-release: Accept multiple systemsAmit Saha1-7/+8
Bug: 1103156 Change-Id: I0f329f36d76c2c288837a2eebd3d7751f2e97024
2014-06-17docs: describe the contents of the TFTP root directoryDan Callaghan4-29/+138
Bug: 1080285 Change-Id: I9a9ddab7b3f9bb4f397f7309b3ceefb3cc93588c
2014-06-13Include remote_post before reporting postinstall_doneAmit Saha9-8/+2
(The original patch introduced this in 1479a07) Bug: 1099231
2014-06-12Remove the "exit 0" in remote_post to work around possible RHEL 6 bugAmit Saha1-2/+0
This was introduiced in 1479a07
2014-06-12Add a ks_meta variable "remote_post"Amit Saha11-0/+70
Using this variable, a remote script can be specified which will be executed post installtion. The remote script must have an appropriate #! line to indicate the script interpreter. Bug: 1099231 Change-Id: I17532d6bf71223282c386fb332108644b30586df
2014-06-11bkr job-list: fix man page options, die if positional args are givenDan Callaghan1-3/+6
Bug: 1107788 Change-Id: Ica20831b761a7591a49b465c2a00003f081beea6
2014-06-11beaker-wizard: add aarch64 into architectures listMatt Jia2-1/+12
Bug: 1095079 Change-Id: I3a1b94ac270778c3e1445ef72c6c0eac7226e076
2014-06-11Rejig watchdog by_status() query to make it fasterRaymond Mancy2-16/+22
Bug: 1079093 Change-Id: Id57dd851d2c55070e27feec6556c39bcf85e0a2b
2014-06-11use HTTPS for beaker-project.orgDan Callaghan1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ie1e6f4489f5bb11e9455b5fc5562111aebf1a472
2014-06-11fix RPM macro in commentDan Callaghan1-1/+1
Change-Id: I9808e7e6b9bbf9221856851fcf6e42bb0b6b587e