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release notes for 24.5
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* :issue:`1465788`: The task now restarts the libvirtd service to ensure its
virtlogd feature is disabled. This is necessary with QEMU 2.9.0 and newer.
(Contributed by Jan Stancek)
+Beaker 24.5
+* :issue:`1500142`: Fixed an issue causing some parts of the recipe page to be
+ re-rendered once per second. In particular, the panel which showed system
+ information was re-rendered once per second, making it impossible to select
+ or copy the hostname. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
+* :issue:`1497021`: The :program:`bkr job-modify` command now correctly
+ modifies the priority of group jobs. Previously it would fail with 500
+ Internal Server Error when the user making the request was not the original
+ job submitter. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1498804`: The systems grid now correctly handles searches where the
+ ``value`` parameter is missing from the query string, which would occur in
+ certain edge cases. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1497881`: Beaker no longer allows you to add deleted users to groups,
+ give deleted users ownership of systems, or lend systems to deleted users.
+ (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1498374`: Beaker now transfers ownership of system pools when a user
+ account is deleted, in the same way it transfers ownership of systems.
+ Additionally, it no longer allows you to give deleted users ownership of
+ system pools. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1499646`: Beaker now correctly evaluates ``<not/>`` host filters when
+ considering whether a recipe can be run in OpenStack. Previously, use of
+ ``<not/>`` would always preclude the recipe from running in OpenStack.
+ (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1501671`: The :program:`rhts-power` command for Beaker tasks now
+ works correctly, regardless of the system access policy. Previously the
+ command would fail with ``InsufficientSystemPermissions`` unless the system's
+ access policy granted ``control_power`` permission to all users (which was
+ the default in Beaker prior to 0.15). (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)