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Update Beaker Provided Tasks documentation
1. Update /distribution/command example rhts-reboot does not check $REBOOTCOUNT so the current example creates an infinite reboot loop. Update the example to something safer like logging the output of /proc/cpuinfo. 2. Replace "Other tasks" section with "Task source code" The "Other tasks" section refers to the Tasks/ subdirectory which was removed with commit 3b1960572abe in 2013. Change this section to instead link to the core-tasks and meta-tasks git repos. Bug: 1699255 Change-Id: I50090abb49e4611813c9cd66856b4e1993f6c928
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diff --git a/documentation/user-guide/beaker-provided-tasks.rst b/documentation/user-guide/beaker-provided-tasks.rst
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--- a/documentation/user-guide/beaker-provided-tasks.rst
+++ b/documentation/user-guide/beaker-provided-tasks.rst
@@ -81,12 +81,12 @@ This task is useful for inserting ad hoc tests or behaviour into a recipe for
experimentation purposes, without needing to modify an existing task or write
a new one.
-For example, to test the effect of rebooting in between two other tasks::
+For example, to log the CPU information of the system under test::
<task name="/distribution/command">
- <param name="CMDS_TO_RUN" value="rhts-reboot" />
+ <param name="CMDS_TO_RUN" value="cat /proc/cpuinfo" />
@@ -248,13 +248,12 @@ compiler to see if it introduces any build failures:
-Other tasks
+Task source code
-There are a number of other tasks that you will find in the
-:file:`Tasks/` sub-directory of the Beaker `source tree`_. Most of
-these tasks (besides the ones we discussed above), have a
-:file:`PURPOSE` file which contains a brief description of what
-the task does.
+The source code for the above tasks can be found in the
+`Beaker core tasks git repo`_. The tasks for testing Beaker itself are
+in the `Beaker meta tasks git repo`_.
-.. _source tree:
+.. _Beaker core tasks git repo:
+.. _Beaker meta tasks git repo: