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release notes for 25.6
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The lshw package in the Beaker harness repositories has also been updated
to incorporate the latest upstream fixes. It is now based on lshw commit 028f6b2
from 14 June 2018.
+Beaker 25.6
+* :issue:`1619482`: The :program:`anamon` installer monitoring script now works
+ correctly on RHEL8 where neither :file:`/usr/bin/python` nor
+ :file:`/usr/bin/python3` exist in the installer image. Previously the script
+ would fail to start and Anaconda logs would not be captured and shown on the
+ :guilabel:`Installation` tab of the recipe page. (Contributed by Jacob
+ McKenzie)
+* :issue:`1619969`: The :program:`beaker-repo-update` command now correctly
+ verifies checksums after downloading harness packages to the Beaker server,
+ and also correctly discards any incomplete or corrupted packages which exist
+ on disk. Previously, if there was an incomplete or corrupted package already
+ on disk, it would be further corrupted. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1612338`: The ``<disk><sector_size>`` XML element for host filtering
+ now correctly filters disks by their logical sector size, as documented.
+ Previously it was filtering on physical sector size instead. (Contributed by
+ Pavel Cahyna)
+* :issue:`1600281`: If a task reports a result with a score of more than
+ 8 digits, the score is now capped at 99999999, to prevent a ``DataError``
+ when the database is using MySQL "strict mode". This matches the existing
+ behaviour when the Beaker database is MySQL in non-strict mode. (Contributed
+ by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1591244`: Beaker now captures some additional Anaconda logs and
+ displays them on the :guilabel:`Installation` tab of the recipe page:
+ :file:`yum.log` on RHEL6, and :file:`dnf.librepo.log`, :file:`hawkey.log`,
+ and :file:`lvm.log` on recent Fedora releases. (Contributed by Matt Tyson)
+* :issue:`1607515`: The :program:`beaker-wizard` utility now correctly fills in
+ the task Author field if the GECOS (display name) field of the user account
+ running it contains non-ASCII characters. Previously it would crash with
+ a ``UnicodeDecodeError`` exception. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+Version 0.7.13 of the Beah test harness has also been released:
+* :issue:`1610621`: The RPM package now depends on ``python2-*`` versioned
+ package names (``python2-twisted-web`` instead of ``python-twisted-web``,
+ etc) in releases where they are available. Previously Beah was not usable for
+ Fedora 29 recipes because virtual provides for the unversioned package names
+ have been removed from Fedora 29 onwards. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1622756`: Version 0.7.13-3 fixes a packaging mistake introduced in
+ 0.7.13-1, which would cause Beah services to fail to start on RHEL4.
+ (Contributed by RĂ³man Joost)
+Version 2.3 of the :program:`beaker-system-scan` hardware scanning utility has
+also been released:
+* :issue:`1609597`: Uses Python 3 on Fedora 29 onwards and RHEL8 onwards.
+ (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)