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release notes for 0.17.1
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a non-existent system to a group. (Contributed by Amit Saha)
* :issue:`978225`: Beaker shows a more informative error when attempting to
delete a group that has already been deleted. (Contributed by Amit Saha)
+Maintenance updates
+The following fixes have been included in Beaker 0.17 maintenance updates.
+Beaker 0.17.1
+* :issue:`1116722`: CSV export no longer exposes system power configuration to
+ users who do not have permission to edit the system. (Contributed by Dan
+ Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1084188`: The :program:`beaker-pxemenu` utility now generates a menu
+ for AArch64. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1099231`: A new :ref:`kickstart metadata variable
+ <kickstart-metadata>` ``remote_post`` was defined, to fetch and run a remote
+ script during post-installation. (Contributed by Amit Saha)
+* :issue:`1103156`: The :program:`bkr system-release` command now accepts more
+ than one argument, and releases all of the given systems. (Contributed by
+ Amit Saha)
+* :issue:`1088761`: When a recipe uses custom partitioning, Beaker now
+ correctly defines a :file:`/boot/efi` partition on x86 EFI systems which
+ require it. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1003454`: The :program:`beaker-proxy` daemon now rejects incoming
+ requests larger than 10MB, to prevent exhausting available memory if a very
+ large request is received. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1094553`: The :program:`beaker-provision` daemon now enforces
+ a configurable timeout (120 seconds by default) when fetching netboot images
+ as part of the provisioning process. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1097094`: The :guilabel:`History` table on the system page now
+ permits paging through all available records, and avoids issuing inefficient
+ SQL queries in a number of circumstances. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1079093`: The SQL queries used to poll for watchdogs are now more
+ efficient. (Contributed by Raymond Mancy)
+* :issue:`1095079`: ``aarch64`` is now recognized as a valid architecture by
+ :program:`beaker-wizard`. (Contributed by Matt Jia)
+* :issue:`1078965`: Netboot files for AArch64 are written to :file:`aarch64/`
+ instead of :file:`pxelinux/`. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1080285`: The documentation now covers in detail the :doc:`files and
+ directories in the TFTP root <../admin-guide/tftp>` which Beaker uses.
+ (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1111491`: Server commands now print a more helpful error message if
+ they cannot read the server configuration file. (Contributed by Amit Saha)
+* :issue:`1111508`: Added a new menu item :menuselection:`Systems --> Reserve`
+ linking to the reserve workflow. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+* :issue:`1107788`: Fixed incorrectly displayed options in
+ :manpage:`bkr-job-list(1)`. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+The Beah test harness was updated to version 0.7.6 in this release, with the
+following fixes:
+* :issue:`908354`: Beah's internal task states are now updated correctly when
+ a task triggers :program:`rhts-reboot`, regardless of which order processes
+ are killed during shutdown. This corrects an error where Beah would
+ intermittently fail to run any tasks after rebooting. (Contributed by Amit
+ Saha with assistance from Jan Stancek)
+* :issue:`1106381`: Fixed a syntax error in the systemd service unit for
+ ``beah-srv`` which caused service dependencies not to be registered.
+ (Contributed by Jun'ichi NOMURA)
+* :issue:`1106405`: The :envvar:`HOSTNAME` environment variable is no longer
+ assumed to be set. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
+The ``/distribution/virt/install`` task was updated to version 4.0-83 in this
+release, with the following fixes:
+* :issue:`1113666`: Fixed an error caused by extraneous output from
+ `` --kvm-num`` in case the HTTP request to the lab
+ controller fails and is retried. (Contributed by Bill Peck)
+* :issue:`1117001`: Debug logs from libvirtd are no longer uploaded to Beaker
+ by default, because of their very large size. The previous behaviour can be
+ restored by passing a non-empty value for the ``LIBVIRTD_DEBUG`` task
+ parameter. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)