BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developMerge branch 'release-27' into developMartin Styk4 days
issue_templatesAdd Bug issue templated use by GitHubMartin Styk6 months
masterAutomatic commit of release 27.4Martin Styk4 days
ref/for/release-26Modify default PANIC_REGEX to ignore false positivesTomas Klohna10 months
ref/for/release-27feat: add option to enable firstboot in ksMartin Styk2 months
release-25Make beaker-wizard recognize new CVE number schemeRĂ³man Joost18 months
release-26Use unicode values for unicode db field in inttestMartin Styk5 months
release-27Automatic commit of release 27.4Martin Styk4 days
release-28Automatic commit of release 27.0Martin Styk4 months
review/alex_williamson/6501iPXE script supportAlex Williamson3 months
beaker-27.4commit c278b55ffc...Martin Styk4 days
beaker-27.3commit 21fe3ae524...Martin Styk13 days
beaker-27.2commit 351146a129...Martin Styk5 weeks
beaker-27.1commit a47d5667f1...Martin Styk2 months
beaker-27.0commit bd5ba017cc...Martin Styk4 months
beaker-27.0rc3commit ecac747676...Martin Styk4 months
beaker-27.0rc2commit 3645aaa903...Martin Styk4 months
beaker-27.0rc1commit 2a92807aaf...Martin Styk4 months
beaker-26.6commit 52ab6b997a...Martin Styk5 months
beaker-26.5commit f82355fbf4...Martin Styk10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-11-15Automatic commit of package [beaker] release [0.8.0-13].beaker-0.8.0-13Bill Peck2-2/+6
2011-11-15RHEL5 kickstarts don't support --cost option to repo commandBill Peck2-2/+0
2011-11-15Automatic commit of package [beaker] release [0.8.0-12].beaker-0.8.0-12Bill Peck2-2/+6
2011-11-15Merge "beakerd cannot abort recipes: RequestRequiredException" into release-0...Bill Peck1-1/+1
2011-11-15Automatic commit of package [beaker] release [0.8.0-11].beaker-0.8.0-11Dan Callaghan2-2/+6
2011-11-15Revert fix for bug 752869: "race condition when adding distros"Dan Callaghan2-13/+10
2011-11-14beakerd cannot abort recipes: RequestRequiredExceptionBill Peck1-1/+1
2011-11-11Automatic commit of package [beaker] release [0.8.0-10].beaker-0.8.0-10Dan Callaghan2-2/+9
2011-11-11try except handling in wrong place for beaker-watchdogBill Peck1-79/+86
2011-11-11timed handling of session renewal for qpidRaymond Mancy6-32/+52