BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developUse session for OpenStack connection in inttestMartin Styk3 days
masterAutomatic commit of release 26.5Martin Styk4 days
ref/for/developfix typos in API docsMatt Jia3 years
release-22avoid installing i386 harness packages on ia64Dan Callaghan3 years
release-23tests: fix timing issue in test_quiescent_period_only_applies_between_power_c...Dan Callaghan2 years
release-24fix OpenStack stuff to use public URLs instead of admin URLsDan Callaghan16 months
release-25Make beaker-wizard recognize new CVE number schemeRóman Joost8 months
release-26Automatic commit of release 26.5Martin Styk4 days
results-reporting-improvements-take2recipe page: add UI for commenting on recipe tasks and resultsMatt Jia3 years
results-reporting-improvements-take3adjust wording in recipe reservation extend dialogDan Callaghan3 years
beaker-26.5commit f82355fbf4...Martin Styk4 days
beaker-26.4commit b2d78b5625...Martin Styk2 months
beaker-26.3commit 9cdad4ab44...Martin Styk4 months
beaker-26.2commit 34a07dab02...Martin Styk5 months
beaker-26.1commit 5a0455df25...Christopher Beer7 months
beaker-26.0commit 843ff506f7...Dan Callaghan8 months
beaker-26.0rc1commit baf41fe9d7...Dan Callaghan8 months
beaker-25.6commit 662be24497...Dan Callaghan9 months
beaker-25.5commit ee3ca154bb...Róman Joost10 months
beaker-25.4commit 4637be95c2...Matt Tyson12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysUse session for OpenStack connection in inttestHEADdevelopMartin Styk3-42/+77
4 daysMerge branch 'release-26' into developMartin Styk110-930/+1995
4 daysAutomatic commit of release 26.5beaker-26.5release-26masterMartin Styk7-8/+8
4 daysRelease notes for Beaker 26.5Martin Styk2-17/+63
10 daysDocument testinfo.desc fields known to beakerCarol Bouchard2-109/+282
10 daysFix crash for bkr job-submit with --combineMartin Styk1-1/+3
12 daysModify recipe page CSS to fit longer task namesTomas Klohna1-3/+1
12 daysAdd System/Notes as a searchable item in Web UITomas Klohna5-3/+51
2019-05-10Added amtc_bkr power scriptJirka Hladky1-0/+97
2019-05-06fix OpenStack cheapest flavor provisioningChristopher Beer2-2/+6