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Update README with explicit steps for commiting and publishing changes.
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@@ -45,11 +45,8 @@ Then you can build it as docs-mine:
make docs-mine
-Publishing the web site
-These instructions are only relevant to Beaker developers who have
-access to publish to
+Making changes to the web site
If any branches of Beaker have moved on (because a new version of Beaker has
been released), update their submodule reference. XXX pester Dan to automate
@@ -61,11 +58,37 @@ this. For example, to update master:
git add -u beaker-branches/master
git commit -m 'update beaker master submodule'
-Build your changes:
+Commit any changes you have to your local master branch. Any changes that you
+make should be verified locally. This includes document changes, repo
+changes etc. To do this, run `make` and then the following (unless
+you have alternative HTTP server configured for this process):
+ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
+You can now check your changes against 'http://localhost:8000'.
+Once the changes have been verified you should push them to Beaker's gerrit
+instance (See the 'Submitting your patch' section in the developer guide
+for instructions on how to setup a gerrit remote):
+ git push gerrit master:refs/for/master
+As an alternative, you can send your patch to
+Once your patch has been merged, and if you have access to publish to, you can now publish the change. If you don't have
+access, thank you for the patch and one of the Beaker developers will
+publish it for you.
+Publishing changes to the web site
+The first step in publishing is to build your changes:
-Now the 'published' branch has been updated. First, check that the
+Now the 'published' branch has been updated. First, check that the
changes you've introduced look sane:
git diff published~..published
@@ -76,6 +99,6 @@ publication attempt:
git fetch +master:published
-Once you're happy with it, push it live:
+If you're happy with it, push it live:
git push published:master